Health-care Reform

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Tom Baker
Professor of Law
University of Pennsylvania

• Researches and teaches insurance law and policy, insurance and society, law and economics, sociology of risk
•Author of “The Medical Malpractice Myth”

“Anyone who thinks that limiting liability would reduce health-care costs is fooling himself. Preventable medical injuries, not patient compensation, are what ring up extra costs for additional treatment. Just as we need evidence-based medicine, we also need evidence-based medical-liability reform. The real problem is too much malpractice, not too many malpractice lawsuits. Medical providers should be required to disclose injuries, provide quicker compensation to deserving patients. The answer for doctors worried about their premiums is shifting the responsibility for buying malpractice insurance to hospitals and other large medical institutions. Evidence-based liability reform would give these institutions the incentive they need to cut back on the most wasteful aspect of American health care: preventable medical injuries.”