Greenhouse-Gas Regulation

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Cary Coglianese
Professor of Law
University of Pennsylvania

• Researches and teaches environmental law and policy, government regulation and regulatory strategy.
• Co-author of “Policymaking Under Pressure: The Perils of Incremental Responses to Climate Change”

"A better approach to the federal government’s ‘cap and trade’ plan would be to do this upstream -- to place the cap on production and sale of carbon-based fuels and allow people to trade in that market.
“It would work the same way, like a bottleneck in a bottle. Companies would bid on how much they're allowed to produce. If companies have restrictions on what they can sell; if supply decreases, cost will increase, making non-carbon-based sources more attractive.”
"State and regional approaches may lull the public and policymakers into thinking that things are being well taken care of and thus they'll move on to more pressing matters. If a lot of companies are locked into their own regional initiatives, to the extent that those are incompatible with each other or the prospect of a broader solution, it may take longer to impose a broader solution.”