Expert Comment on FBI Crackdown on Sex Trafficking of Children

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Richard Estes

School of Social Policy and Practice

The new FBI campaign against sex traffickers of children is long overdue, says Dr. Richard Estes, co-editor of the recently published "Medical, Legal, & Social Science Aspects of Child Exploitation."

In a federally funded 2001 study, Dr. Estes found that at least 325,00 American children are victims of some form of prostitution.

In addition to efforts like the FBI's, Dr. Estes says, the U.S. needs to "stiffen the penalties for sex crimes against children; impose more uniform sentencing guidelines across jurisdictions; and provide more financial support to local law enforcement and human service agencies serving these children.

"We still have a long way to go to if American children are to be protected from becoming the victims of sexual predators," Dr. Estes says.