Evolution Opponent and National Education Position

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Kenneth R. Willard of Kansas is running unopposed to be president-elect of the National Association of State Boards of Education.  Willard has pushed to include intelligent design as a competing theory to evolution.  


Dr. Michael Weisberg

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Faculty, Institute for Research in Cognitive Science

Faculty, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

University of Pennsylvania


"Intelligent Design is a form of creationism propped up by a biased view of the evidence," Dr. Weisberg said.  "Its inappropriateness for the high school biology classroom has been established by scientists, education experts and the federal courts.  Alternative theories should be taught when there is a real controversy among experts."


* Nationally recognized expert on the history and philosophy of science

* Public proponent of the scientific basis of evolutionary theory

* Organizer of Penn's "Evolution Project," a group of activities at Penn Museum involving public outreach and education on evolution

* Steering committee leader for Penn's celebration of Darwin's 200th birthday in 2008-9.