Clinton, Obama: Can a First Be Elected President?

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Note for TV and radio: The University of Pennsylvania has a satellite uplink facility with live-shot capability and an ISDN line.

Dr. Adolph Reed
Professor of Political Science
University of Pennsylvania

• Most cited black political scientist in the 2007 Journal of Blacks in Higher Education's Annual Citation Rankings of Black Scholars

• Teaches courses on race and 20th-century American political social thought; power, culture and American cities and labor; and the left in post-war American politics.

• Author of “Without Justice for All: The New Liberalism and the Retreat from Racial Equality,” “Stirrings in the Jug: Black Politics in the Post-Segregation Era” and “The Jesse Jackson Phenomenon: The Crisis of Purpose in Afro-American Politics”

In a Nov. 2007 Progressive article, “Sitting This One Out, “ available at, Dr. Reed wrote, “I still wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be a Clinton-Obama, in an all-Oprah ticket, an exercise in massive short-term self-delusion and empty identity politics that will guarantee the White House to whichever combo the GOP puts up. Maybe by Election Day, I’ll be moved or guilted or frightened into voting for that ticket, whatever it is. But I’m just as likely to sit this one out.”