Bullies and Antibullying Efforts

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               Dr. Howard Stevenson

               Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education

               University of Pennsylvania



  • Dr. Stevenson specializes in high-risk youth, aggressive behaviors and how parents can intervene as “life coaches” before, during and after a conflict.
  • He is the author of “Stickin’ to, Watchin’ Over & Getting’ With: An African-American Parent’s Guide to Discipline.”
  • Dr. Stevenson’s research evaluates the impact of sensitivity to rejection when it comes to preventing long-term anger and youth aggression.  His work also identifies cultural strengths within families and how they can help with the psychological adjustment of children and adolescents.



Media contact:

             Jill DiSanto-Haines at 215-898-4820 or jdisanto@upenn.edu