Barack Obama and Immigration

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Note for TV and radio: The University of Pennsylvania has a satellite uplink facility with live-shot capability and an ISDN line.

Nov. 15, 2007


Dr. Margaret Dorsey

Visiting Scholar, Department of Anthropology

School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania


"Senator Barack Obama played a key role in supporting bipartisan efforts led by John McCain and Edward Kennedy to legislate comprehensive immigration reform.  This new legislation calls for augmenting border security, enforcing employer sanctions for firms that hire undocumented workers and for creating a path to earned citizenship for workers already in the U.S.  Senator Obama uses a 'both . . . and' rather than an 'either . . . or' approach to immigration that seeks to shift the terms of the debate."


  • Author, Senator Barack Obama and Immigration. Journal of Black Studies, Special Issue on the Barack Obama Phenomenon 38(1): 90-104.
  • Expert on minority politics and immigration

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