Alzheimer's Disease Report

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The Alzheimer's Association has released a report indicating that more than 5 million Americans have the disease, a 10 percent increase from five years ago.  The report also indicates that the U.S. will see noticeably increasing numbers of Alzheimer's cases once baby boomers start turning 65 in 2011.


  Dr. Valerie Cotter

  Director, Adult Health and Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Programs  

  University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing


Researches Alzheimer's, cognitive function assessment of those at-risk for the disease and the possible effects of early-stage support groups on a patient's quality of life.

Serves on the Medical-Scientific Advisory Committee of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association and the Education Committee of the American Geriatrics Society.

Additional research interests include long-term care for older adults with dementia and restraint-free care for hospitalized older adults.