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Penn in the news

36 Hours in Philadelphia May 26, 2016 | New York Times

The Institute of Contemporary Art is included as a destination spot for tourists visiting Philadelphia.

‘Forest Bathing’ Latest Fitness Trend to Hit U.S. – ‘Where Yoga Was 30 Years Ago’ May 17, 2016 | Washington Post

David Yaden of the School of Arts & Sciences says, “There have been studies comparing walking in nature with walking in an urban environment and testing people on their mood, different aspects of depression and in some cases, brain scans.”

5,000-year-old Chinese Beer Recipe Revealed May 23, 2016 | National Public Radio

Patrick McGovern of the Penn Museum says, “All indications are that ancient peoples, [including those at this Chinese dig site], applied the same principles and techniques as brewers do today.”

Audio: More Than a Mistress: Madame De Pompadour Was a Minister of the Arts May 10, 2016 | “Morning Edition,” National Public Radio

Joan DeJean of the School of Arts & Sciences shares her thoughts on Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, French King Louis XV’s chief mistress.

‘Touch Tours’ Help Blind Experience Philadelphia’s Historic Food Scene May 2, 2016 | National Public Radio

The hands-on tours at the Ancient Egypt exhibit at the Penn Museum are mentioned.