Art and Architecture Camp for High School Students

High school students from around the world are spending part of their summer on Penn’s campus exploring artistic pursuits that could lead to a college major or career choice. 

Students in the School of Design’s month-long Art and Architecture Summer Studios take courses on topics such as painting, filmmaking, architecture, animation, graphic design, ceramic wheel throwing, and sculpture.

The 75 students, chosen through a competitive application process, get  a taste of academic and social life at Penn. The classes, taught by Fine Arts and Architecture faculty, are based on the curriculum of Penn’s regular semester classes. Some of the students, from as far away as Mexico and Saudi Arabia, live in campus dorms for the month.

Through the program, students have an opportunity to hone skills, learn about new disciplines and build their portfolios. Students in the painting class are learning the finer points of painting a portrait. Architecture students study local architecture before they design and construct miniature model structures. Filmmakers experience the entire process of making of a movie, starting with production planning, and including script writing, videotaping, and editing the finished product.

Text by Jeanne Leong
Video by Kurtis Sensenig