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Brookings and Perry World House at the University of Pennsylvania Launch Joint Visiting Fellows Program
March 13, 2017
The Brookings Institution and the University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House announced today the establishment of a new joint visiting fellowship program bringing senior policy practitioners leaving United States government service into residence as visiting fellows at Brookings and Perry World House. During stays of three to six months, fellows will have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences outside the daily pressures of government service, and to develop well thought-out policy solutions for a range of critical issues, global and domestic.
Penn Research Reveals Where Expectant Parents Turn When Doctors Lack Answers on Prenatal Genetic Health
March 7, 2017
Researchers from Arts & Sciences, Social Policy & Practice and Medicine found that patients with unclear prenatal genetic results seek additional help in a variety of places, including from family and friends, and from spiritual communities. 
Penn’s Field Center Names Anne Holton as Keynote Speaker for Child-welfare Conference
March 1, 2017
Anne Holton, who has devoted her career to serving as an advocate for families and children, will deliver the opening keynote address at the University of Pennsylvania Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice and Research’s sixth biennial conference, “One Child, Many Hands: A Multidisciplinary Conference on Child Welfare,” to be held at Penn June 7-9.
Tired Teens More Likely to Commit Crimes as Adults
February 23, 2017
PIK Professor Adrian Raine, of Criminology, Psychology and Psychiatry, discovered that teenagers who experience sleep problems and exhibit anti-social behavior are more likely to commit violent crimes as adults.
Penn’s Perry World House Launches Inaugural Visitors Program
February 21, 2017
The University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House has named its Inaugural Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars for the Spring 2017 Semester. The Perry World House Visitors are drawn from academic, policy and practitioner backgrounds. They will guest lecture, author white papers, complete book manuscripts, mentor students, give public lectures, host expert workshops and otherwise play crucial roles in the intellectual, research and public policy contributions of Perry World House and of the broader Penn community.
Penn Announces 2017 Thouron Award Winners
February 21, 2017
Five University of Pennsylvania seniors and one alumna have received 2017 Thouron Awards to pursue graduate studies in the United Kingdom.
Penn School of Social Policy & Practice MOOC: ‘Top 10 Social Issues for First 100 Days’
February 20, 2017
As a new American president takes office, a massive open online learning course at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice aims to empower citizens to set priorities of their own for the new administration.
New Penn Research Examines Gun Use, Injury and Fear in Domestic Violence
February 17, 2017
About two percent of domestic-violence incidents involve guns, said Social Policy & Practice’s Susan B. Sorenson. Victims of these crimes have fewer injuries but more fear.
Penn Linguists Investigate Language Borrowing in the Field and the Lab
February 9, 2017
Linguists Betsy Sneller and Gareth Roberts study sociolinguistic borrowing — where one group of people adopts a feature of another group’s dialect — in one Philadelphia neighborhood and experimentally, in the lab.
Penn’s Timothy Powell: Forging Partnerships to Promote Native Languages, Culture
February 8, 2017
Timothy Powell’s ethnographic research has taken him to far reaches of the world to uncover what happens when the cultural stories that Native Americans told anthropologists hundreds of years ago are returned to indigenous communities today.