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Mark Allen Named Scientific Director of Penn’s Singh Center for Nanotechnology
June 17, 2013
Mark G. Allen has been named the inaugural scientific director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology. 
Penn Researchers Investigating the Mystery of a Tiny 'Sin'
June 7, 2013
When a strain of bacteria invades a human body, the immune system responds by generating antibodies to neutralize the threat.
Penn Research Identifies Bone Tumor in 120,000-Year-Old Neandertal Rib
June 5, 2013
The first-known definitive case of a benign bone tumor has been discovered in the rib of a young Neandertal who lived about 120,000 years ago in what is now present-day Croatia. The bone fragment, which comes from the famous archaeological cave site of Krapina, contains by far the earliest bone tumor ever identified in the archaeological record.
Penn Researchers Integrate Origami and Engineering
June 3, 2013
The quintessential piece of origami might be a decorative paper crane, but in the hands of an interdisciplinary University of Pennsylvania research team, it could lead to a drug-delivery device, an emergency shelter, or even a space station.
Penn Provides New Evidence on Origins of Winemaking in France
June 3, 2013
France is renowned the world over as a leader in the crafts of viticulture and winemaking—but the beginnings of French viniculture have been largely unknown, until now.
Penn Research Shows Way to Improve Stem Cells’ Cartilage Formation
June 3, 2013
Cartilage injuries are difficult to repair. Current surgical options generally involve taking a piece from another part of the injured joint and patching over the damaged area, but this approach involves damaging healthy cartilage, and a person’s cartilage may still deteriorate with age.
Rakesh Vohra Appointed Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor
May 29, 2013
Rakesh Vohra has been named the University of Pennsylvania’s 15th Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor, effective Aug. 1. The announcement was made today by Penn President Amy Gutmann and Provost Vincent Price.  
Penn Researcher’s Studies Yield Surprises About Lichens, Biodiversity
May 28, 2013
Since the time of Linnaeus and even before, biologists and naturalists have been keen to organize living things into distinct groups. Now the modern technology of rapid DNA sequencing has revolutionized that categorizing task, providing a window into the relationships among species about which little was once known.
Penn Research Makes Advance in Nanotech Gene Sequencing Technique
May 20, 2013
The allure of personalized medicine has made new, more efficient ways of sequencing genes a top research priority. One promising technique involves reading DNA bases using changes in electrical current as they are threaded through a nanoscopic hole.
Penn Engineers’ Nanoantennas Improve Infrared Sensing
May 17, 2013
A team of University of Pennsylvania engineers has used a pattern of nanoantennas to develop a new way of turning infrared light into mechanical action, opening the door to more sensitive infrared cameras and more compact chemical-analysis techniques.