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Penn Scientists Celebrate Role in Higgs Discovery That Led to Nobel Prize
October 8, 2013
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences today awarded the Nobel Prize in physics to theorists Peter Higgs and Francois Englert to recognize their work developing the theory of what is now known as the Higgs field, which gives elementary particles mass.
Penn Celebrates Opening of Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology
October 2, 2013
The University of Pennsylvania will officially open the region’s premier facility for advanced research, education, and innovative public/private partnerships in nanotechnology on October 4.
Penn, Carnegie Mellon Receive Grant for Transportation Research
October 1, 2013
The University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University have received a $5.65 million U.S. Department of Transportation grant for a joint research center to conduct transportation technology research and development.
Penn Engineering's GRASP Lab, Wharton's Mack Institute Take Y-Prize Global
September 30, 2013
Last year, the GRASP lab at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Wharton School’s Mack Institute helped take cutting-edge robots out of the lab and into the marketplace through the Y-Prize Competition.
Shadrack Frimpong of Penn Has a Vision for a Healthy Africa
September 30, 2013
Spending a summer break in Switzerland may conjure images of scaling snow-covered Alps.
Penn Researchers Use Facebook Data to Predict Users’ Age, Gender and Personality Traits
September 25, 2013
In the age of social media, people's inner lives are increasingly recorded through the language they use online. With this in mind, an interdisciplinary group of University of Pennsylvania researchers is interested in whether a computational analysis of this language can provide as much, or more, insight into their personalities as traditional methods used by psychologists, such as self-reported surveys and questionnaires.
Penn’s Center for Technology Transfer Launches Mobile App Contest
September 23, 2013
The University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Technology Transfer  (CTT), through its business incubator UPstart program, has launched a new mobile application design contest called the AppItUP Challenge.
Graphene Frontiers Awarded $745,000 NSF Grant for ‘Roll-to-Roll’ Graphene Production
September 17, 2013
Graphene Frontiers, a company developed through the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Technology Transfer, has been awarded a $744,600 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop roll-to-roll production of graphene, the “miracle material” at the heart of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.
Fish Skin Immune Responses Resemble That of the Gut, Penn Study Finds
September 13, 2013
Fish skin is unique in that it lacks keratin, the fibrous protein found in mammalian skin that provides a barrier against the environment. Instead, the epithelial cells of fish skin are in direct contact with the immediate environment: water.
Penn Scientists Demonstrate New Method for Harvesting Energy from Light
September 9, 2013
Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated a new mechanism for extracting energy from light, a finding that could improve technologies for generating electricity from solar energy and lead to more efficient optoelectronic devices used in communications.