News Releases

Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin to Deliver Commencement Address at the University of Pennsylvania
March 18, 1999
PHILADELPHIA --- Secretary of the Treasury Robert E. Rubin will deliver the commencement address at the 243rd Commencement of the University of Pennsylvania on Monday, May 17, 1999, according to University President Judith Rodin. The Commencement will begin at 9:30 a.m. at Franklin Field.
Increase in Total Student Charges, Undergraduate Tuition Lowest in Three Decades at the University of Pennsylvania
March 18, 1999
PHILADELPHIA - Total student charges at the University of Pennsylvania will increase 3.7 percent for the 1999-2000 academic year, the lowest percentage increase in more than three decades, according to an announcement today (March 18) by President Judith Rodin. She said that tuition and fees for undergraduate students will increase 4.2 percent, from $23,254 to $24,230; average room and board will increase 2.2 percent, from $7,206 to $7,362. Total student charges will increase 3.7 percent, from $30,460 to $31,592.
Robert Barchi Named Provost at University of Pennsylvania
December 4, 1998
PHILADELPHIA --- Robert L. Barchi, M.D., Ph.D., David Mahoney Professor of Neurological Sciences and chair of the departments of Neuroscience and Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, has been named Provost of the University, according to an announcement today (Dec. 4) by University President Judith Rodin. Dr. Barchi, 52, will begin his assignment on Feb. 1, 1999.
Dual-Earner Families Cause Americans to Feel Busier, Even If They're Not Spending More Time on the Job, Study Finds
November 11, 1998
PHILADELPHIA - Despite what it may feel like, the average work week has not increased for most Americans in the past 30 years. American feel more squeezed for time, however, because they are less likely to have someone at home devoted exclusively to family concerns, thus creating heightened time pressures and increased conflict between work and private life, according to a study by a University of Pennsylvania sociologist published today in the Review of Social Economy.
Thomas Seamon Named Vice President for Public Safety
June 19, 1998
PHILADELPHIA -- Thomas M. Seamon, Managing Director of Public Safety at the University of Pennsylvania since September 1995, has been named Vice President for Public Safety by Executive Vice President John A. Fry. Mr. Fry said the vice presidency was approved by University President Judith Rodin and the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania at its Stated Meeting on June 19, 1998. The appointment will be effective on July 1.
Penn Law School Receives Professorship from Independence Foundation Honoring Theodore K. Warner, Jr.
May 26, 1998
PHILADELPHIA -- The University of Pennsylvania Law School has received a $2 million endowed professorship from the Independence Foundation, a private, not-for-profit, philanthropic organization serving the Philadelphia area. The gift is allocated for the Theodore K. Warner Jr. Professorship in Business Law, in honor of the current secretary and treasurer and past president of the Foundation and Penn Law alumnus.
Three Penn Professors Elected to National Academy of Sciences
May 12, 1998
PHILADELPHIA -- Three of 60 new members elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences are on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania. All are in Penn's College of Arts and Sciences: Douglas S. Massey, Ph.D., the Dorothy Swaine Thomas Professor of Sociology; Paul J. Steinhardt, Ph.D., the Mary Amanda Wood Professor of Physics; and Lewis G. Tilney, Ph.D., a professor of biology. "No other school had more professors in the arts and sciences elected to the National Academy of Sciences this year," said Sam Preston, Ph.D., dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.
Penn Offers Cash Incentive to Increase Home ownership in University City
March 30, 1998
PHILADELPHIA --The University of Pennsylvania has established two new housing initiatives -- including a cash incentive program -- and enhanced its Guaranteed Mortgage Program to increase the number of people buying homes in University City, according to Penn President Judith Rodin.
Karlawish Awarded Brookdale National Fellowship for Aging Research
March 23, 1998
PHILADELPHIA -- The Brookdale Foundation has awarded University of Pennsylvania Health System physician Jason H.T. Karlawish a fellowship to study the ethics of Alzheimer's Disease clinical research.
Penn Announces Lowest Increase in Total Undergraduate Charges in 30 Years
March 20, 1998
PHILADELPHIA -- The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania have approved an increase of 3.9 percent in total undergraduate student charges for the 1998-99 academic year, the lowest percentage increase in three decades, according to Penn President Judith Rodin. The Trustees also approved enhancements to the University's financial aid program aimed at keeping it one of the largest and most competitive financial aid programs in the country.