News Releases

FDA Approves Gene Therapy for Inherited Blindness Developed by Penn and CHOP
December 19, 2017
In a historic move, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today approved a gene therapy initially developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for the treatment of a rare, inherited form of retinal blindness. The decision marks the nation’s first gene therapy approved for the treatment of a genetic disease, and the first in which a new, corrective gene is injected directly into a patient.
Coalition Seeks to Increase Transparency on Life Sciences Career Prospects
December 14, 2017
Nine American research universities and a major cancer institute today announced plans to give would-be life scientists clear, standardized data on graduate school admissions, education and training opportunities and career prospects. The institutions formed the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science in response to the focus of many new Ph.D.s. solely on a limited number of traditional faculty positions and to the lack of good marketplace information on training and career options for talented life scientists.
Dark Energy Survey Offers New View of Dark Matter Halos, Penn Physicists Report
December 13, 2017
Dark matter, a mysterious form of matter that makes up about 80 percent of the mass of the universe, has evaded detection for decades. Although it doesn’t interact with light, scientists believe it’s there because of its influence on galaxies and galaxy clusters.
Penn Admits 1,312 Students Via Early Decision
December 13, 2017
The University of Pennsylvania has admitted 1,312 students to the Class of 2022 through the first-choice Early Decision program. Penn’s admitted Early Decision cohort was selected from a pool of 7,074 applications, the largest in the University’s history and a 15 percent increase over the prior year. Early Decision applicants commit to matriculate if admitted.
Penn Students Take on Peace, Water and Climate, First in Norway and Next in Ghana
December 11, 2017
One way to learn about climate change is to read about it, exploring the scientific literature, perusing science news and combing through reams of relevant data. Another way is to experience it firsthand. A trio of University of Pennsylvania students elected for the latter approach during the International Youth Peace Conference, held this fall in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.
From Paris to Penn, Pursuing a Culinary Passion
December 8, 2017
Rachel Prokupek was rolling out pastry two years ago, pursuing a culinary degree at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Now the University of Pennsylvania sophomore is rolling out the first cookbook, Whisk, for food magazine Penn Appétit.
Impressions in Ink: Prints From the Arthur Ross Collection
December 8, 2017
An exhibition opening in January at the University of Pennsylvania’s Arthur Ross Gallery will feature 30 prints by French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists, chosen from the collection of the gallery’s founder Arthur Ross.
New Penn Method of Stabilizing Peptides Opens the Door to Better Therapeutic and Imaging Techniques
December 6, 2017
For many people with advanced Type 2 diabetes, taking insulin is a regular part of their routine, helping them control their blood sugar by signaling the metabolism of glucose. But recently, researchers have been investigating GLP-1, a peptide that gets activated when people eat, triggering insulin through a more natural pathway.
Mitchell and Margo Blutt Endow Professorships at Three Penn Schools
December 5, 2017
Mitchell J. Blutt, C’78, M’82, WG’87, and Margo Krody Blutt have made a gift of $4.5 million, including matching funds, to endow three Presidential Professorships across the University of Pennsylvania. The Mitchell J. Blutt and Margo Krody Blutt Presidential Professorships will be held by faculty members in the School of Arts and Sciences, the Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine, and the Wharton School. Presidential Professorships are awarded to exceptional scholars, at any rank, who contribute to faculty eminence through diversity. 
Seeing Isn’t Believing: Penn Biologists Show How to Shut Off Hunger ‘Alarm System’
December 5, 2017
Imagine you’re in a restaurant, hungry, anxious and a bit irritable awaiting your food order to arrive at the table. The server exits the kitchen with a tray full of steaming plates and a flood of relief washes over you. But the server ferries the food right past you to another table, and the unpleasant sensation of hunger returns — at least until you take the first bite of your very own meal.