Philadelphia Business Journal — February 26, 2015

President Amy Gutmann is quoted about the Pennovation Center design.

NBC News (Philadelphia) — February 26, 2015

President Amy Gutmann, chair of President Obama’s bioethics commission, says “The Ebola epidemic in western Africa overwhelmed fragile health systems, killed thousands of people and highlighted major inadequacies in our ability to respond to global public health emergencies.” — February 6, 2015

President Amy Gutmann discusses how she paid for tuition as an undergraduate student and the future of college affordability.

Philadelphia Tribune — February 1, 2015

President Amy GutmannChuck Leitner and Mike Murphy of Penn Athletics comment on the Young Quakers Community Athletics program.

Fox Business — January 23, 2015

President Amy Gutmann talks about President Obama’s proposal to tax 529 college plans.

CNBC: “On The Money” — January 18, 2015

President Amy Gutmann discusses making college more accessible and affordable for students.

Washington Post — January 13, 2015

One by one, the glass ceilings of academia are vanishing. Elizabeth Garrett, president-elect of Cornell University, will become the first woman to lead that school when she takes office in July. But in the Ivy League, such firsts have become almost commonplace. What may be more significant: Garrett’s ascension will mean women are at the helm of half of the eight Ivy League schools. She joins Christina H. Paxson of Brown University (who took office in 2012), Drew Gilpin Faust of Harvard University (2007) and Amy Gutmann of the University of Pennsylvania (2004).

Bloomberg — December 12, 2014


President Amy Gutmann participates in Bloomberg’s “Best Books of 2014” list selection. — December 9, 2014

President Amy Gutmann is noted for her conversation with writer Walter Isaacson at the 2014 Silfen Forum.

American Entrepreneurship Today — November 17, 2014

President Amy Gutmann and the Pennovation Center groundbreaking are featured.

WPVI-TV (Philadelphia) — November 14, 2014

President Amy Gutmann is interviewed about Penn’s investment in innovation and technology.

Philadelphia Business Journal — August 28, 2014

President Amy Gutmann says, “These prizes invite students to think creatively, on a large scale, about the meaning of engagement.”

Philadelphia Inquirer — July 17, 2014

President Amy Gutmann and Mark Alan Hughes of the School of Design are quoted about the new Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, made possible by a gift from alum Scott Kleinman.

Education Week — June 20, 2014

President Amy Gutmann is cited for writing about the “essence of school.”

“Newsworks,” WHYY Radio (Philadelphia) — June 12, 2014

President Amy Gutmann is highlighted for an award that will fund graduating seniors’ civic-engagement plans.