— January 19, 2016

President Amy Gutmann is quoted about the announcement of the commencement speaker, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Huffington Post — October 29, 2015

President Amy Gutmann is cited for co-authoring The Spirit of Compromise.

Philadelphia Business Journal — October 28, 2015

President Amy Gutmann says the President’s Innovation Prize can be seen as a “way of making clear how Penn and Philadelphia can be a workshop of ideas for the world.”

Philadelphia Inquirer — October 28, 2015

President Amy Gutmann is quoted about the announcement of the President’s Innovation Prize.

Washington Monthly — October 7, 2015

President Amy Gutmann writes about the impact the 21st Century Cures Act can have on biomedical research and history.

Philadelphia Daily News — August 17, 2015



President Amy Gutmann commented on the life and activist work of Julian Bond.

University City Review — April 22, 2015

Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli and Vice President Maureen Rush of Public Safety accepted the City of Philadelphia’s inaugural Hero of Philadelphia Award on behalf of President Amy Gutmann at a spring Commendation Ceremony at which Jonathan Moore and Jessica Scott of DPS were among those honored for their service.

Philadelphia Inquirer — April 16, 2015

President Amy Gutmann is quoted about Penn co-sponsoring the RoboLancers of Central High School of Philadelphia to attend a competition.

Fox Business — March 31, 2015

President Amy Gutmann talks about the importance of a college education.

Scientific American — March 26, 2015

President Amy Gutmann, Presidential Bioethics Commission chair, writes about three key areas of ethical concern in neuroscience research and application.

Philly Voice — March 17, 2015

President Amy Gutmann is quoted about the opening of the Penn Wharton China Center.

“Morning Joe,” MSNBC — March 12, 2015

President Amy Gutmann discusses how Penn is becoming more accessible for lower-income students.

Philadelphia Inquirer — March 11, 2015

President Amy Gutmann is highlighted for receiving the Reginald Wilson Diversity Leadership Award from the American Council on Education.

Philadelphia Inquirer — March 4, 2015

President Amy Gutmann is quoted about the Rendell Center for Civics & Civic Engagement’s relocation to the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

“Newsworks” WHYY Radio (Philadelphia) — February 26, 2015

President Amy Gutmann, chair of President Obama’s bioethics commission, discusses the panel’s recommendations on the 21-day quarantines of those exposed to Ebola.