Psychology Today — April 21, 2016

David Yaden of the School of Arts & Sciences comments on being the lead author of a study, “The Overview Effect: Awe and Self-transcendent Experience in Space Flight.” — April 21, 2016

Marybeth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education answers listeners’ questions about the impact of living in “better” school district areas on a student’s college admissions chances.

Time — April 21, 2016

Salamishah Tillet of the School of Arts & Sciences is quoted about the resurgence of singer Nina Simone in the media.

Philadelphia Business Journal — April 21, 2016

Penn’s newly completed Stephen A. Levin building which will house the psychology, biology and behavioral sciences departments is profiled.

Isaan Record — April 20, 2016

Joyce White of the Penn Museum is interviewed about the Ban Chiang Project. — April 20, 2016

Christina Simeone of the School of Design’s Kleinman Center for Energy Policy comments on how Philadelphia’s ozone levels do not meet federal standards.

Inside Higher Ed — April 20, 2016

Collaborative research about diversity and bachelor’s degree awardees from the Graduate School of Education’s Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy is cited.

New York Times — April 20, 2016

Samuel Preston of the School of Arts & Sciences is quoted about life expectancy trends. — April 20, 2016

President Amy Gutmann is quoted about the inaugural President’s Innovation Prize winners.

CBS News — April 20, 2016

Michel Guillot of the School of Arts & Sciences says that the reports of the life expectancy of white women decreasing in America is more troublesome when put into a global context.

Science — April 20, 2016

John Wherry of the Perelman School of Medicine comments on research that investigates whether sterile laboratory mice are good models for the human immune system.

Philadelphia Business Journal — April 19, 2016

The new Pennovation Center is highlighted for encouraging health care innovators to utilize the shared-space wet lab.

Christian Science Monitor — April 19, 2016

Cary Coglianese of the Law School comments on the impact of a Supreme Court case, regarding immigration, on how federal agencies operate.

“All Tech Considered,” National Public Radio — April 19, 2016

Matthew Blaze of the School of Engineering and Applied Science is quoted about the FBI turning to a third party to crack encryption. — April 19, 2016

Dean Eric Furda of Admissions weighs in on how high school graduates can manage the college decision process.

Huffington Post — April 19, 2016

A study conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, which revealed that using social media while watching debates was linked to lesser understanding of the candidates’ stances is cited. — April 19, 2016

Undergraduate Madhavi Muralidharan compares the length of time U.S. physician hopefuls spend in medical education to students in the United Kingdom, India and several European countries.

Financial Times — April 18, 2016

Daniel Rader of the Perelman School of Medicine explains how a new cholesterol drug works on patients. — April 18, 2016

Daniel Hopkins of the School of Arts & Sciences writes about why presidential candidate Bernie Sanders appeals to Independent voters.

Washington Post — April 18, 2016

Research from the Graduate School of Education on the disproportionate rates of suspension and expulsion for black students in southern states is cited.