Philadelphia Business Journal — January 2, 2009
Eric Orts of the Wharton School and Penn’s Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership discusses Penn’s sustainability program.
New York Times — January 2, 2009
Gautum Ghosh of the School of Arts and Sciences is profiled discussing domestic cohabitation.
Wall Street Journal — January 2, 2009
Daniel Romer of the Annenberg School for Communication comments on college gambling.
Wealth Manager — January 1, 2009
Katherina Rosqueta of the Center for High-Impact Philanthropy in the School of Social Policy and Practice discusses charitable trends.
U.S. News & World Report — December 31, 2008
Donald Kettl of the School of Arts and Sciences is cited for his new book, “The Next Government of the United States: Why Our Institutions Fail Us and How to Fix Them.”
Washington Post — December 30, 2008
Elliot Weinbaum of the Graduate School of Education discusses President-elect Obama’s nominee for education secretary.
“Tell Me More” (National Public Radio) — December 29, 2008
Marybeth Gasman of the Graduate School of Education discusses the financial standing of historically black colleges.
D.C. Examiner — December 29, 2008
Jim McGann of the School of Arts and Sciences and Penn’s Think Tanks and Civil Society Program says think tanks face challenges in recessions.
Philadelphia Inquirer — December 28, 2008
Bruce Kuklick of the School of Arts and Sciences is cited for his book, “The Career of William Fontaine,” a biography of Penn Professor William Fontaine.
Philadelphia Inquirer — December 28, 2008
James Lytle of the Graduate School of Education comments on a school’s spending.
Philadelphia Inquirer — December 26, 2008
Laura Balcer of the School of Medicine discusses multiple sclerosis research.
Philadelphia Daily News — December 26, 2008
PennPraxis is cited for its role in researching potential sites for a Philadelphia casino.
Wall Street Journal — December 26, 2008
Michael Janson of the Law School authors a letter on union-certification policy.
Bloomberg News — December 25, 2008
Kermit Roosevelt of the Law School discusses presidential pardons.
Philadelphia Inquirer — December 24, 2008
The School of Veterinary Medicine is cited for a study of stranded striped dolphins.
WHYY Radio (Philadelphia) — December 23, 2008
WXPN's "Musicians On Call" program at the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania is featured.
Harrisburg Patriot-News — December 23, 2008
President Amy Gutmann is recognized for freezing her own salary.
Philadelphia Inquirer — December 23, 2008
Stephen Hoch of the Wharton School is cited for his analysis of the holiday retail climate.
Los Angeles Times — December 23, 2008
Ian Lustick of the School of Arts and Sciences comments on terrorist court cases.
Wall Street Journal — December 23, 2008
Daniel O'Meara of the Wharton School discusses recession economics.