New York Times — November 2, 2015

Samuel Preston of the School of Arts & Sciences suggests that “something is awry in these American households” on the heels of a study revealing the rising death rate for middle-aged white Americans.

Boston Globe — November 1, 2015

Vanessa Ogle of the School of Arts & Sciences is cited for her new book, The Global Transformation of Time: 1870-1950.

Philadelphia Inquirer — November 1, 2015

Graduate student Emily Shields of the Perelman School of Medicine and Rebecka Hess of the School of Veterinary Medicine are quoted about researching canine diabetes.

Reuters Health — November 1, 2015

Mark Neuman and Rachel Werner of the Perelman School of Medicine are highlighted for studying how martial status is linked to better functional outcomes following cardiac surgery.

Wall Street Journal — November 1, 2015

New websites and greater access to education-related financial data are taking some of the mystery out of college shopping. A growing number of websites sort colleges based on financial criteria, allowing students and families to compare schools on such factors as return on investment and graduates’ prospects for employment—key considerations at a time when four years of college can represent one of the biggest investments a family or an individual will ever make. The ability to compare schools across a wide range of financial criteria got a big boost in September when the federal government released a trove of data on student-loan repayment rates, salaries and other factors that can play into one’s choice of school. Moreover, the government released the data in a format that is easy for sites to incorporate into their rankings of schools.

The Scientist — November 1, 2015

Mitchell Lazar of the Perelman School of Medicine explains the obesity paradox.

New York Times — October 31, 2015

Peter Cappelli of the Wharton School is quoted about retailers giving managers bonuses based on keeping their labor budgets below a certain amount.

Associated Press — October 30, 2015

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center critiques a question John Harwood posed to Donald Trump during the third Republican presidential debate.

BBC Radio (U.K.) — October 30, 2015

Research about the symbiosis of clams and algae led by Alison Sweeney of the School of Arts & Sciences is cited.

New York Times — October 30, 2015

Carra Cote-Ackah of the School of Social Policy & Practice’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy talks about the importance of investing in organizations that are trying to achieve a goal.

New York Times — October 30, 2015

Samuel Preston of the School of Arts & Sciences comments on the effects of China’s change in its one-child policy.

Delaware News Journal — October 29, 2015

Paulo Arratia of the School of Engineering and Applied Science is quoted about how 3-D printers are the “democratization of the making process.”

Washington Post — October 29, 2015

Andy Porter of the Graduate School of Education writes about the importance of asking teachers what they need in order to succeed in the classroom.

Guardian (U.K.) — October 29, 2015

Dean Denis Kinane of the School of Dental Medicine is mentioned about leading the celebration of the art left to the School by Thomas W. Evans.

Huffington Post — October 29, 2015

President Amy Gutmann is cited for co-authoring The Spirit of Compromise. — October 29, 2015

Yasmin Kafai of the Graduate School of Education advocates for the Maker Jawn program.

“Marketplace” — October 28, 2015

Peter Conti-Brown of the Wharton School comments on unclear signals from the Fed’s messaging.

PBS NewsHour — October 28, 2015

Shaun Harper of the Graduate School of Education joins a discussion about police and school discipline.

Philadelphia Business Journal — October 28, 2015

President Amy Gutmann says the President’s Innovation Prize can be seen as a “way of making clear how Penn and Philadelphia can be a workshop of ideas for the world.” — October 28, 2015

Jonathan Moreno of the Perelman School of Medicine and the School of Arts & Sciences pens an op-ed about Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson.