— February 16, 2016

Kevin Werbach of the Wharton School says, “Gamification is about understanding what it is that makes games engaging and what game designers do to create a great experience in games, and taking those learnings and applying them to other contexts such as the workplace and education.”

Washington Post — February 16, 2016

Paul Meyer of the Morris Arboretum is quoted about specimens of trees and their value.

Wall Street Journal — February 15, 2016

The research of Donald B. Keim and Olivia S. Mitchell of the Wharton School is quoted.

The Observer — February 15, 2016

ENIAC is included on a list of tech and science highlights.

Brian Rosenwald of the School of Arts & Sciences writes about President Obama potentially nominating a new Supreme Court justice.

Associated Press — February 15, 2016

Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the Annenberg Public Policy Center is quoted about how Donald Trump has ‘“hijacked” political correctness to justify his use of personal attacks.

CBS News (Philadelphia) — February 15, 2016

Kermit Roosevelt of the Law School comments on President Obama nominating replacement for the late Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court. — February 15, 2016

David Issadore of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and students Shashwata Narain, Alexander David, and Siddharth Shah are featured for the students’ creation of a new fermentation process that can be used for beer production.

“Newsworks,” WHYY Radio (Philadelphia) — February 15, 2016

Katie Margo of the Perelman School of Medicine is featured for training medical professionals in how to talk to transgender patients.

Valley News — February 12, 2016

Dot Porter of the Rare Book & Manuscript Library comments on Penn’s role as co-leader on a project that will digitalize the largest regional collection of medieval and early modern manuscripts in the country.



Philadelphia Inquirer — February 12, 2016

Richard J. Schwab of the Perelman School of Medicine and Penn Sleep Center comments on the link between poor sleep and cardiovascular health.

Entrepreneur — February 12, 2016

The work of Philip Tetlock of the Wharton School the School of Arts and Sciences is discussed in this article on traits of successful leaders.

Washington Post — February 12, 2016

Penn is one of 426 schools that will neither require nor recommend students take the SAT essay portion of the new test.

New York Times — February 12, 2016

Salamishah Tillet of the School of Arts and Sciences reviews the new Jesse Owens biographical film, “Race.”

The Hill — February 12, 2016

Dan Romer of Annenberg School for Communication writes on the causes and costs of gun violence.

PRI/WGBH Innovation Hub — February 12, 2016

Vanessa Ogle of the School of Arts & Sciences talks about the concept of time. — February 11, 2016

Penn’s community engagement, particularly in west Philadelphia, is mentioned.

U.S. News — February 11, 2016

Adam Grant of the Wharton School comments on identifying which type of failure you are afraid of when considering becoming an entrepreneur. — February 11, 2016

C. Brian Rose of the School of Arts & Sciences and the Museum discusses objects on display from early excavations of the Gordion site and says, “In those days, archaeologists dug enormous tracts of land in an effort to make sensational discoveries in as short a time as possible.”

The New Yorker — February 11, 2016

Martin Seligman of the School of Arts and Sciences and his work are referenced in this article on human resiliency.